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October is Mental Health Month

‘Share a cuppa. Share the journey.’ Did someone say cuppa? I would rarely say no to an offer.

This is the catchphrase for Mental Health Month this year. A theme that was so successful last year that it has been continued for 2018. Mental Health Month is held in October every year and is an opportunity to raise awareness around mental health and wellbeing.



Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Awareness (PANDA) Week was established in 2005 to raise awareness about perinatal anxiety and depression, including what signs to look for and where to seek support. This year’s theme is ‘I wish I knew’; parents are encouraged to share what they ‘wish they knew’ before having a baby so to encourage others to seek help early if they are struggling with symptoms of anxiety or depression.


Festive Season: when "celebrating" is hard after a loss

Grief and loss are part of life and experienced by most of us at some time. People deal with grief in many different ways and do not necessarily go through a predictable group of 'stages", although some do. How people grieve can depend on the circumstances of the loss (e.g. sudden death, long illness, death of a young person, suicide) as well as past experiences and cultural expectations.


Back to school

Going back to school can be exciting but also anxiety provoking. Many children feel nervous in the buildup to their first day back. Longer holidays and having your child attend school for the first time or starting a new school can create even more anxiety.