Culture ethics and compliance feedback form

The purpose of Access Newcastle’s Culture Ethics and Compliance Feedback Service is to foster progressive, safe and productive workplaces for a multitude of clients.

The Feedback Service enables employees of our client organisations to provide confidential* and anonymous feedback to us, Access Newcastle, an independent third party. Information provided to the Feedback Service by employees is collated by Access Newcastle, de-identified and presented to our client organisations so that they can make informed decisions that will improve employees’ workplace experience.

If your organisation has engaged Access Newcastle’s Culture, Ethics and Compliance service you have the option to provide feedback here, or call our hotline on 1800 613 155 and ask for our Culture, Ethics and Compliance service.

Things you might like to provide feedback on (positive, negative or neutral), via the Feedback Service may include:

-Workplace safety (physical and psychological)
-Work environment
-Policies and procedures
-Business direction

You can also use the Feedback Service to make a suggestion.

If you would like to provide feedback via our online portal, please answer the questions below.

If you would like to receive a follow-up call or email, please indicate accordingly. 

Please remember that your organisation has provided you with an entitlement to access free counselling from an experienced and qualified professional. To find out more, please contact your Human Resources department or phone Access Newcastle on 1800 613 155.

This is required by Access Newcastle in case of disclosure of risk of harm to yourself or others. You will not be identified in any way to your organisation

You can provide feedback across any/all of these categories: safety (physical and psychological); work environment; policies and procedures; feedback on management; feedback on peers; business direction; suggestions or other (please specify)

If yes, is phone or email preferred? Please provide appropriate contact information below

Your personal details are not shared with your employer at any stage. Access Newcastle will ask your name, to ensure compliance with the Australian Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics, however this would not be disclosed unless there are concerns an employee or someone else is at risk of significant harm, or there was a legal obligation to do so (for example, disclosure of a serious crime or subpoena of records by the court).