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Access Newcastle Hunter Manning offers a wide range of counselling services to assist individuals, couples and families achieve optimal mental health and wellbeing. Anyone struggling with daily stress, or even major life events such as redundancy, a separation or other personal or family issues, can turn to us for support. No issue is too big or too small.

Counselling involves confidential conversations about issues or concerns, helping to gain clarity and working towards resolution. The aim of counselling is to build personal skills and strengths to improve the ability to cope.

How you feel is always a good way of judging when you might need counselling assistance.

If you find yourself:

  • being distracted by problems at work or home
  • getting tired or sick
  • having days off
  • feeling emotional
  • running late
  • missing deadlines
  • being involved in conflicts
  • burdened by everyday concerns
  • concerned that you are developing a mental health issue

you may wish to utilise your EAP with Access Newcastle Hunter Manning.

Some common issues for which people seek assistance:

  • relationship and family problems
  • grief and loss
  • major life changes
  • conflict with fellow workers
  • gambling
  • alcohol and drug use
  • stress
  • managing children’s issues
  • emotional distress.

Whatever the nature and extent of your concerns, contact us to learn more about how our services may be able to assist you.

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*Please note, your access to our services is confidential, your personal information is not shared and you are not identified to your organisation/Employer.

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